Q i have never played before. how long does it take to learn guitar?

A it takes several months to get started. it is a new skill and there is a lot to learn. there is no end to learning guitar but even 2-3 months with my supervision and instruction in how to practice and you will feel and hear the difference. 6-9 months and you will be developing a foundation for a lifetime of playing and enjoyment. after a year you will be making music. you will be able to make music on the guitar and you will be enjoying it.

Q how much time do i need to practice?

the quality of the practice is more important than the quantity. even spending an hour between lessons will be beneficial to musicians  who do not have a lot of time but can use the time well. any time spent on the guitar will be useful but time spent can be wasted just looking for online resources. i will guide you in what you need to study and provide the materials you will need. if you are spending your time playing the right music you will always be progressing.