My focus is on the solid foundation of practical skills needed to make the music that inspires you to play. My aim is to maximize your playing time, to arrange lesson content at a level and pace that is right for your needs, to offer support and guidance every step of the way and always make sure we are having fun.


Learning is song based. I produce all lesson materials and arrange all songs for the individual student based on their level of ability and the music they want to make. The right material will encourage progress, each song will build on what we have already learnt, improving your existing skills and introducing you to new ones.


We will always review the learning together and discuss the material and the direction we are taking. It is important that you are developing with each session and have a clear idea of what you can do between sessions to make further progress


There is a lot of music theory. It is all useful...eventually. My aim is to present theory intelligently and only when it is supportive of your playing, appreciation and understanding of the music you are making.


We will learn one small thing and do it well. Then we will move on to the next small thing. Eventually all of these small things will come together and become the foundation of your playing.


It's a lot of fun too if you take the time to turn round and look back at the view once in a while and realise how far you have come...