I aim to be the only guide you will need in your playing. i work hard to develop the curriculum around your own love of music. Learning is song based but the focus is the guitar itself. learning how to operate a musical instrument is a lifelong journey and it is never too early or too late to begin.


I will provide all the necessary resources and arrange all songs for your level of ability and the music you want to make. The right material will encourage progress, each song will build on what we have learnt, improving your existing skills and introducing you to new ones.


We will always review the learning together and discuss the material and the direction we are taking. It is important that you are developing with each session and have a clear idea of what you can do between sessions to make further progress.


There is a lot of music theory but time spent playing is always far more important. mechanical skills are the foundation of your playing and always the focus. theory is the foundation of your understanding. My aim is to present theory intelligently and only when it is necesary & supportive of your playing.