Elton Ritchie

The only dedicated acoustic guitar specialist in Hamilton, Ontario.
One to one private and group tuition, all styles and techniques for acoustic guitar, for all ages and all levels of ability.




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I am confident that I am the only acoustic guitar instructor you will ever need, from first steps to final touches...
If you have had a bad time with a teacher and it has knocked your confidence or you have not got what you needed from them, it is never your fault. Your relationship with music is lifelong. finding the right teacher to support you can be a journey in itself.
I deliver my instruction in a relaxed and comfortable, non judgmental and supportive environment. I ensure that learning is always progressing with regular reviews, we are always discussing ways forward and your needs as a learner.  I understand how challenging learning is. I am offering you the expertise and guidance  you need to just...


pick up the guitar and play!


Based in Hamilton, Ontario, I have had over 30 years, a lifetime of experiences and involvement, in music and education. I have been teaching one to one private lessons, leading guitar workshops, running music education courses for 20 years. My background is in popular music, rock, blues, jazz and folk. I am a reliable and dedicated teacher, choir leader, singer and guitarist with a unique and comprehensive background in music making and education to share.

If you think I can support you in your learning, especially if you have simply given up hope of ever playing a musical instrument, please, contact me for a chat and let's see what we can do.

guitar lesson

I provide...

  • A tried and tested method for supporting absolute beginners,
  • help for rusty players returning to the guitar,
  • direction and guidance for frustrated players hitting brick walls,
  • creative solutions and ideas for advancing players,
  • songwriting and arranging song materials, lyrics and chords
  • a plain English approach to any supporting theory.
All tuition is...
  • Personalized to the needs and development of the student,
  • song based. the music is chosen by you,
  • focused on practical tasks, mechanical skills, and solid technique,
  • supportive of your understanding and appreciation of the music
    you aspire to play.